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It's been a few years
I'm still trying to get my head on straight
If you think that I'm to blame, then please forgive me
I've shed a few tears
Left a few more in my wake
But if you can't say the same, are you really living?

And still, my will
Well, it grows stronger every day
You shoot to kill
Like it's the only game you know how to play

So when a few beers
Turns into half a fifth
You might end up regretting what you say

Oh, Adelaide
We had it made
You go and blow me off, it seems
You've always got somewhere to be
So Adelaide
Are you that afraid
To change yourself and forget all about me?

So when it was over
I got out fast as I can
I couldn't take that feeling for any longer
If you didn't have to be sober
At all, I bet you wouldn't
But understand it doesn't make you stronger

And yet, I confess
I could have laid those fears to rest
If it just meant less
Of all your manufactured stress
So when it gets colder, and you need someone to hold
Don't get nostalgic thinking of the days

Oh, Adelaide
I ran away
You went and wrote me off again,
For going where you've never been
So Adelaide
Are you glad you stayed?
Are you gonna take it out on another man?

Can we agree that it was never meant to be?
And that's a truth none of us can avoid
So when you turn the page on all your existential rage
I hope that you don't hate the ones who bring you joy

Oh, Adelaide
Are you sad today, or are you faithful?
You can cuss me out if you want to,
But you sure better be grateful
For Adelaide,
I had to say
You can hate me or the situation
That drew the separation between my Adelaide


from Prograss, track released April 15, 2017
Doug Green - Banjo/Vocals
Connor Bernhard - Guitar/Vocals
Joe DeAngelo - Fiddle
Matt Coglianese - Bass



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Android Mandela Chicago, Illinois

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